Our recent riparian forest buffer planting has been featured in this months Bay Journal! Continue reading for a sneak peak at the article and click the link below to read the full piece!


“At one end of a field, nearly 40 volunteers gathered around a single tree. Nearby, the chatter of a swift-moving creek did its best to drown out the directions coming from our instructor. It was almost as if the stream had come to life in anticipation of the morning’s event. Across the field sat 2.6 acres of freshly dug holes, and next to each a sapling, stakes and a plastic trunk guard. With our tree-planting instruction/demonstration complete and roles assigned, the volunteers took to the field, tools in hand.

Planting 500 trees in one day sounds like a daunting task. On your own, you would need to plant one tree every 173 seconds for 24 hours straight. But on this beautiful October morning, with a team of motivated volunteers on the job, we had the final tree in the ground in less than two hours. Many hands make light work; that’s one of the beautiful things about partnerships. The practical benefits of inclusive collaboration are plentiful, and we know that all too well at the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay.”