Spring Greetings fellow MCTU Members!

The Co-Operative nursery and our members have survived another winter! I know everyone is ready for nice weather, and are eager to be back in the Muddy Creek Watershed.

Our youth outreach is growing. We are pleased to share that we had a very successful Trout in the Classroom (TIC) experience over the winter months. We had the privilege to work with Dallastown’s third grade class at Ore Valley Elementary school. I encourage you to read the full article about our TIC that is in this newsletter. It is because of your financial contributions that our chapter can be involved in and sponsor TIC in our local community. I also suggest that you read the article on our For-Sight Vision Fishing event. This is an event that is near and dear to many of our chapter members; we are very pleased that we have been able to continue this relationship even with a change in leadership at ForSight. (now VisionCorps of Lancaster) I think this speaks volumes about the success of this program!

Our group of guys and gals have done an outstanding job over the winter at the nursery! We had a very “healthy” winter which has given way to a busy start to the year with stockings. We do plan to have holdovers this summer. Once we have the streams stocked, we will be turning our attention to doing some much needed repairs on the nursery. We have received some grant money to help with the cost of repairs.


We are still working and involved with the Bonham Wake-Robin Wildlife Sanctuary on a project entitled “Trout in the Bonham”. Our TIC release day was held here, and the students planted additional trees as a riparian buffer enhancement at the Sanctuary. We have been working hard over the winter on developing signage for the Bonham which we hope to install during the early summer months. Our Fall Fest event will be held here again this year and we hope to see many of you there; this would be a great time to check out the work that our chapter has completed in partnership with the Bonham Wake Robin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Have a safe and happy summer! Our summer meetings (May-September) will be at the Co-Operative Nursery; our chapter meeting will commence at 7pm. Feel free to bring a friend, spouse or prospective member. We will have chapter elections in September and are currently looking for individuals interested in volunteering in various leaderships

Capacities. Please see the newsletter for more information!