In addition to all the other Chapter activities elsewhere in this newsletter please take note of the Chapter elections to be conducted at our September Membership Meeting. If you have a desire to become more involved in this organization, this is your opportunity. New volunteers in these positions are strongly encouraged and welcomed. What better way to find out more about what this Chapter is all about? Every organization needs new ideas, fresh faces and new leadership from time to time. During the course of some meetings of the PA Trout Unlimited I’ve attended I’ve been introduced to some local Chapter Presidents that have been serving in that position for ten, twenty and more than twenty five continuous years. While I applaud their dedication and service I have to ask the question. “Could a volunteer organization be healthier with a change in leadership more often?” Changes in leadership give more volunteers experience. As someone else moves into a leadership position there is more experience then to support them from someone that moves out. The organization keeps building and does not remain stagnant. From my own experience I am most fortunate to have Past Presidents, Officers and Directors that have stayed involved and are a resource for me to learn and talk to. So please consider this opportunity to help the Chapter. Your level of experience to run for any office can range from just starting to become involved right now to a Past President.

We will once again be present in the watershed on the day of the trout opener with two food stands. As well as selling food and chapter merchandise this is always an excellent venue to promote our Chapter and educate people about conserving and protecting our streams. We will also host a fishing day for children, adults and families from ForSight Vision. If you have never helped on this day please consider it. You will come away feeling that these are very special people who appreciate their time spent with us. The Red Lion Street Fair is on tap for August, and an event is in the planning stages this fall.

Another great opportunity has presented itself as the York County Conservation Society has approached us to partner with them in a grant to improve the Bonham Wildlife Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is in our watershed as “Spencer Run” passes through it. Spencer Run is a tributary to Muddy Creek that enters the main stem at the lower end of the FFO area. Some ideas that are floating around are trout egg incubators, Habitat improvement projects, riparian buffer plantings, self-guided sign tours and other educational programs. We are very excited that YCCS has asked us to partner and we are looking forward to having a good relationship with them for years to come.

During my short years of involvement I’ve found that this organization is very well respected by our local Communities. This came as a result of a lot of hard work by those who came before me. My thanks goes to all those who have and are supporting Muddy Creek TU in any way. Let’s continue to support this Chapter in any way we can with whatever time we can spare.

Kind Regards,