Our Chapter’s Mission statement: “To conserve, protect and restore cold water resources in the Muddy Creek Watershed.”

Our Vision Statement: “To be a leader in cold water conservation in York County in encouraging (and participating in) cold water resource education, conservation and restoration efforts”.

So how are we doing? A quick check shows that in the last two years there were a couple significant stream restoration projects we were involved in. Those were the Pine Run Project and the Owad Road Project which was just completed with the riparian buffer planting this past spring. We also have plans to do some stream improvements on Tom’s Run. As this is being written today we were present with a stand at the Mill in Red Lion as part of their Wilderness Day. Another opportunity to educate the public by talking to them about what we do and answering their questions. Questions that I hear or am told of at our other events like the opening day of trout food stands and the Red Lion Street Fair. Questions like “what are the best plants to plant along my stream”, “what is a riparian buffer and what does it do”, “what water temperature stresses trout” , “could you show me the difference between a wild trout and a stocked trout.” Yes, it is important to sell our merchandise at these events and make some money to support out conservation efforts. But one of our main goals to educate is accomplished through these outings. Being “out there” is very important to our mission. We also sponsored a student in the Rivers Conservation and Fly Fishing Youth Camp. This is a week long camp held on the Yellow Breeches at Allenberry. So yes, my view is that we are doing very well accomplishing our primary mission goals. My hat is off to all of you that help in these activities. You all do a very fine job!

Another program which sparked some interest is the Trout in The Classroom or TIC program. This is a program in which students in grades 3-12 learn about coldwater conservation while raising brook trout from eggs to fingerlings in a classroom aquarium. During the year each teacher tailors the program to fit his or her curricular needs. TIC has applications in environment and ecology, science, mathematics, social studies, language and fine arts, and physical education. All classrooms end the year by releasing their trout into a state-approved waterway. Several schools in the area have expressed an interest in this program most recently. Our Chapter now has a member to be a contact for and coordinate these activities. This program is made available with joint efforts of local Trout Unlimited chapters like ours, Pennsylvania Council of Trout Unlimited and the PA Fish and Boat Commission.

The watershed has been fishing nicely since the water has cooled down. The summer was kind. There are good numbers of trout that have held over through the warm season. The leaves are coloring up so now is the time to get out there and enjoy all that our watershed has to offer.

Please note that beginning in October all of our winter meetings will be held at the Lion’s Pride Restaurant in Red Lion. Come join us for dinner at 6:00P. We try to start the meetings at 7P but they usually don’t get under way til 7:15 or so. You do not have to eat dinner to attend the meet-ings. Bring a friend, spouse or a prospective member and join the fun.

Kind Regards,