This Chapter continues to be a very productive, enthusiast ic group preserving and conserving the Muddy Creek Watershed. Last year Chapter members participated in completing multiple projects. MCTU provided and planted over 300 shrubs and trees in the riparian buffer zone of Pine Run. 304 volunteer hours went into the Pine Run Project which is located at the intersection of Blouse and Brownton Roads. We stabilized an eroded section of stream bank along the main stem of Muddy Creek on Owad Road, seeded and stabilized repair sites along the North Branch, phase 1 project in Felton, planted trees, live stakes and branch packs along the North Branch, phase 2 project in Felton and conducted another successful streamside incubator project. As I’ve frequently stated, we are very fortunate to have talented, experienced members in this chapter who can organize and through their “hands on” work can see these types of projects through to completion.

Chapter elections were held at our membership meeting last October. Brita Runkle was elected Chapter Vice President. Beth Boyd and Fred Wilt were elected as Directors. Thanks to Brita, Beth and Fred for accepting these positions. Also thanks to Glenn Dasher for his past service as Director and to Billy Boyd for his long time service as Vice President. Both of these gentlemen continue to be very active in our Chapter.

Many projects and fundraisers are in the works fo


Many projects and fundraisers are in the works for this year as noted elsewhere in this newsletter. This is an easy to get along with group. Please consider joining us in these activities. And bring a friend! New members are always welcome.

Kind Regards,