It drains one hundred and thirty seven square miles into the Lower Susquehanna River just 23 nautical miles upstream of the Chesapeake Bay. That is the Muddy Creek Watershed, according to the “Muddy Creek Watershed Conservation Plan”.

“To conserve, protect and restore coldwater resources in the Muddy Creek Watershed”. That is the mission statement of Muddy Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited.

So how does our volunteer TU Chapter go about the business of conserving, protecting and restoring all those miles of streams in our watershed? Well, realistically it’s not ALL going to get restored in our lifetimes. It’s done the best we can one small piece with one large grant (money) at a time. It’s also done one small piece at a time with volunteer hours and little money. Volunteers spending hours surveying sections of streams, rolling rocks, cutting live stakes, planting trees, shrubs and maintaining a native plant nursery.

I’ve been shown areas along our small tributaries that have been planted with shrubs by our chapter maybe ten years ago. Stream banks that were once subject to erosion and water once exposed to direct sunlight that raises temperatures to intolerable levels for coldwater species. Now the shrubs are mature providing shade and serving as a “riparian buffer” which is so essential in providing a filter for nutrients and pollutants. The Pine Run Project will be an excellent opportunity for you to help serve our mission statement. Our Chapter is committed to provide man hours to plant trees and shrubs along the stream. As of this writing the contractor is nearing completion of stream structures. Details of the project are elsewhere in this newsletter. So when the call comes for your help please consider volunteering whatever hours you can. This is your chance to help restore that one small piece in our watershed. It’s for our future generations.