My name is Fred Hess and I was elected as your new Chapter President this past October. When relocating back to York County four plus years ago a check of the Muddy Creek Trout Unlimited Website was confirmation that this was a Chapter that is busy. One that has multiple opportunities for involvement. One that proved to be the right decision for me to transfer to. It wasn’t much of a gamble. Everything that was read on the website and in the newsletters was right on the money. No glitz and glitter here. It’s grassroots members doing the right thing. Doing a lot of hard work for a very long time. Your welcoming friendliness and open, honest dialog is very much appreciated. Members have openly and without hesitation shown me around the watershed, explained to me the business end of the chapter and guided me through the Coop nursery operations. And without hesitation they also put me to work!

It is very pleasing for me to go out into the Muddy Creek Watershed. The feeling of “remoteness”, the beauty of the landscape and of course the great fishing opportunities is a testament to all of those who have been involved with this Chapter since its inception. And to you I say “thank you, it is very much appreciated”.

Speaking of fishing, as of this writing the watershed has been fishing well. Water temperatures on the main stem have been in the 40 degree range. Consecutive warm days have been bringing some trout to the surface in the afternoons. Approximately 650 holdover brown trout from our nursery have been stocked this past fall. Fish were stocked in the main stem from the Muddy Creek Forks, through the fly fishing area to well below Woodbine. (The above photo is an example.) In addition Chapter members floated 300 rainbows supplied by the PA Fish & Boat Commission in the FFO section in October.