Muddy Creek Trout Unlimited   Chapter # 575
York County, Pennsylvania

The Catch & Release Fly Fishing Only area can be accessed from either end by way of Piney Hill Road on the lower end and from Bruce Road at the upper end. Park where the signs direct you. DO NOT GO TO THE BOTTOM OF BRUCE ROAD. Park at the bend where the signs are and walk over the hill on the path. The C&R FFO area starts at the path exit at the railroad tracks.
The Woodbine area is a truely wilderness section of open water that can take your breath away. Park at the Woodbine Bridge, and walk along the creek to the rail bed Do Not use the Woodbine Mower and Saw Shop Property to the railroad bed. There you are free to explore nearly three miles of water at your leisure. The Approved Trout Water extends over a mile downestream to the first Powerline. crossing.  Responsible fishermen and women are welcome to Access this area through the Courtesy of the Landowners. Try the section below Orson Run for a few wild browns.

We have been fortunate to reach an agreement with the new Landowner to allow Fishing Access ONLY for the 2015 season. Please be extra careful to police the area of your trash or any other trash you may find there to show the new property owner how respectful anglers can be.

Orson Run Hollow will be posted to No Tresspassing.

Muddy Creek Access Points
Muddy Creek Watershed
Catch and Release Fly Fishing Only