Muddy Creek Trout Unlimited   Chapter # 575
York County, Pennsylvania

MCTU is sponsoring a Trout in the
Classroom Program in the Fall of 2009 at
the Central High School. MCTU member
Dave Mueller, high school biology for 9th
and 10th graders and Environmental
Science for 11th and 12th graders, will act
as our liason to the students. In addition,
Maurice Chioda and Gary Peacock from
the York County Conservation District
will provide some advice and experience
related to conservations issues.
Mr. Mueller, whom also serves as the senior
high's Envirothon coach said, "We are very
much looking forward to bring trout into the
classroom in 2009. The brook trout biology
will help make concepts concrete for many
students. What I am looking forward to the
most are the "teachable moments" that the
brookies will provide. Helping kids make
connections between our curriculum, the
outdoors and understanding the need to be
good stewards of our natural resources. It
is very exciting stuff."
MCTU along with Mr. Mueller applied
for and were awarded a matching fundsgrant through the PA Council of Trout Unlimited andThe Pennsylvania Fish& Boat Commission's Sportfishing and Aquatic Resource Education Grant.
We are very excited to be a part of this program and are looking forward to reporting our experience with the program to our members.