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​Greetings fellow MCTU Members! Spring has sprung and so has our chapter, right into a technological advancement. For the first time, our spring newsletter will only be electronically distributed! In a effort to conserve budget needs, we will only snail mail our fall newsletter each year. However, if you run into fellow MCTU member who mentions they did not receive the spring newsletter, please have them contact me at 717-404-7642 so that we can send a paper version to an address of their choosing.

During the winter months, we were able to
host presentation on the Little Juniata River
at our March meeting. At the time of this event
we also held a raffle which generated enough
money to cover the cost of the presentation,
as well as, allow us to give adonation to the
Little Juniata Organization. It is important to
our chapter that we support other
organizations with similar passions. As usual,
we also had two food stands up and running
for the opening day of trout fishing, more details on the event can be found inside the newsletter. We will be hosting the ForSight Vision fishing event again this year over Mother’s Day weekend, a tradition that has become near and dear to many of the members. In August we will once again have our booth at the Red Lion Street Fair. Please be sure to look for us and stop by to say, “hello”. The nursery and the fingerlings have survived another winter! A big thank you to our feeders who ensured that the fish were fed and snow removed over the winter months. We are currently working to stock streams in the Muddy Creek Watershed to ensure a successful fishing season. I would also like to express our sincere appreciation to all  those who have given generously to our Trout Fund and have joined us as Co-OpSponsors. We wouldn’t have a successful nursery without this continuous financial support!

We are still working and involved with the Bonham Wake-Robin Wildlife Sanctuary on aproject entitled “Trout in the Bonham”. The student who worked with us on this project has submitted his paperwork for his Eagle Scout Award; he did an excellent job with his Vibert box Trout Incubator project. The next steps include the design and installation of informational and educational signs which will be erected within the sanctuary this spring/summer as well as a potential habitat improvement project on the stream.

I hope the weather will encourage each of you to join us at our monthly meetings over the summer. Please note these meetings will be held at the nursery. Our meetings will commence at 7pm; please feel free to bring a friend, spouse or prospective member.


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MCTU has come up with the Design and Purchase of these snazzy thermal cups that will be great for coffee or cold drinks to and from, or even on the stream. We have affordably priced them to move fast at $10 each and will have them at the March Meeting and the Opening Day Food Stands. Supplies are limited so get yours soon.
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Welcome to The Muddy Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited's web site. Please explore and return often. Updates will be added as time permits.

Muddy Creek Trout Unlimited   Chapter # 575
York County, Pennsylvania
PO Box 211 Dallastown, Pa 17313

Nov 16 -General Meeting
Mediterraneo Pizza in Felton.
Dinner at 6pm Meeting 7pm

Dec 21 - General Meeting
Mediterraneo Pizza in Felton.
Dinner at 6pm Meeting 7pm

Jan 18 - General Meeting
Mediterraneo Pizza in Felton.
Dinner at 6pm Meeting 7pm

Feb 22 - General Meeting
Mediterraneo Pizza in Felton.
Dinner at 6pm Meeting 7pm

March 15 - General Meeting
Mediterraneo Pizza in Felton.
Dinner at 6pm Meeting 7pm

April 1 - Regional Opening
Day of Trout Season.
Volunteer at a Food Stand!

April 19 - General Meeting
Cooperative Nursery 7pm

Meetings are the third Wednesday of each month. Summer meetings are held at the Co-op Nursery, Winter Meeting Venue to be Determined.
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Greetings fellow MCTU Members! 
Once  again  fall  is  here  and  the  winter  looms  ahead  in the  distance.    We  have  been  busy  this  summer  and  fall hosting annual events; participating in the Red Lion Street Fair,  stocking  streams,  and  looking  at  the  future  of  our chapter. I  encourage  you  to  read  about  these  various events in our newsletter and to also take a look at some of the changes you can expect to see. 

For me, as chapter president, I would like to see more of our members; men, women, youth and even families with young children attend our monthly meetings.  We plan to make some changes to our monthly meetings in an effort to  have  a  more  engaged  chapter!    More  information about this change can be found inside the newsletter.

Our  annual  For-Sight  fishing  event  was  another  success  this  past  May;  this  event  never ceases  to  amaze  us  as  we  watch  these  students  and  their  families  fish  with  assistance from our chapter’s volunteers.  We are also thrilled to share that we are sponsoring a Trout in the Classroom in one of Dallastown’s third grade classrooms.  These students and their  parents  came  to  a  marshmallow and  wiener roast  at  our  September  meeting  and the enthusiasm from these kiddos was phenomenal; a much more detailed article found inside the newsletter. 

As we look to the spring, we anticipate having a third food stand  site on the opening  day of fishing; we were able to update our equipment and expand our resources.  These food stands generate funds for our organization but more importantly it allows us to interact with fellow anglers on the Muddy Creek Watershed. 

The  nursery  has  welcomed  another  fingerling  shipment;  we  received  approximately 8,000  Brown  Trout  fingerlings  the  end  of  September  and  they’re  doing  well.    Our faithful group of folks who stock the streams were able to get our holdovers into the water; we are very appreciative of this group-it’s not an easy job but fishing in the Muddy Creek Watershed wouldn’t be the experience that is without their dedication.

We are still working and involved with the Bonham Animal and Wildlife Sanctuary on a project entitled “Trout in the Bonham”.  We were able to work with a group of students who helped plant new  vegetation throughout the project.  Our  Fall Fest fundraiser was held on the Bonham property and many of our guests commented on the beauty of the land.  We are very excited to be a part of this project.

I hope the winter is kind to us; as we look forward to seeing you over the winter months at our monthly meetings.  Please note these meetings will be held at Mediterraneo Pizza.  Please join us for dinner at 6pm, and our chapter meeting will commence at 7pm.  Feel free to bring a friend, spouse or prospective member.