Muddy Creek Trout Unlimited   Chapter # 575
York County, Pennsylvania

August 31, 2002 marks the final deadline for expenses and final reports to the DEP on the North Branch $74,000 Assessment Grant. We've received the Chapters copy of the final report from Aquatic Resources Restoration Co. I must say it is an impressive piece of work. It includes a 4 foot square map of the entire North Branch watershed. Every stream reach from mouth to springhead is rated and color coded as Severly Impaired, Moderately Impaired or No Impairment. Of the 93 miles of stream in the watershed, 11 miles are rated as severely impaired. That's a lot of work. Pine Run, which enters the North Branch in Felton is the worst of all, along with the main stem between Fenmore and Felton. Fortunately we will be able to begin work soon due to the new Growing Greener Grants awarded in August 2002.

On August 5th Ron Heuston, Maurice Chioda, Jineen Boyle and Rick Devore of the DEP, and Bill Weibrecht and Josh from ARR Co. took a brief tour of some of the pin sites used to measure bank erosion. We also witnessed some totally awesome erosion sites with 15 ft. banks on the Brogue Branch which enters the main stem at the base of Guinston  road. All temperatures monitored in the mid afternoon on this 85 degree day were in the low to mid 70's. Flows were also at an extreme minimum. At one tributary mouth where the main stem of the North Branch measured 78 degrees, a pod of a dozen good sized trout found refuge. This was an encouraging site to behold considering the conditions Muddy Creek has endured this summer.
HARRISBURG (Aug. 7) -- On behalf of Gov. Mark Schweiker, Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Secretary David E. Hess today announced that organizations in nearly every Pennsylvania county will receive a total of $34.2 million in "Growing Greener" grants for projects to improve the environment.

The grants will be used by 239 organizations for watershed restoration, protection and education; technical assistance; and watershed-specialist positions. "Earlier this year, Gov. Schweiker made a commitment to meet the same level of Growing Greener funding as originally intended, in spite of the fiscal crisis faced by the Commonwealth," Secretary Hess said. "With this announcement of more than $34.2 million in Growing Greener funds, Gov. Schweiker has fulfilled that promise, confirming the value of this innovative program to Pennsylvania's watersheds."
Growing Greener represents the next generation of environmental-protection programs -- supporting community- and watershed-based projects that build partnerships to accomplish their goals," Secretary Hess said. Funding for the Growing Greener program was doubled and extended through 2012 in the state budget recently signed into law by Gov. Schweiker. DEP's portion of Growing

Greener funding was increased to $547.7 million from $241.5 million in the original program. It is now funded primarily through a $4-per-ton tipping fee on solid waste disposed in Pennsylvania's municipal waste landfills. For more information on the Growing Greener program, visit the Pennsylvania homepage at PA Keyword: "Growing Greener."
Well, through the dedication and teamwork of Ron Heuston,  ARR Co. and Rick Devore of DEP, our Chapter was awarded BOTH grants we applied for in the Spring. These include: Muddy Creek Chapter, Trout Unlimited:

      $206,495 for stream restoration to Muddy Creek near Woodbine;
       $162,755 for Phase I of the North Branch Muddy Creek restoration project.

Congratulations go out to the folks involved and get your boots and gloves ready for a few work days in the coming years! For a searchable list of all the grants awarded this round, click here.

Stay tuned for pictures and more information on the North Branch Grant Assessment and furure projects
What does this mean to Muddy Creek Trout Unlimited?
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